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Additional Listing Services

Open House Scheduling
5 Open Houses - $29.00
Unlimited - $49.00

Once you’ve made the decision to list your home for thousands of Realtors® and Buyers to view on the MLS and Realtor®.com, you may want to let them know when you will have your home available for viewing. Pick a day convenient for you, schedule the open house through RealtyZoom and we'll schedule it on both MLS and Realtor®.com.

Email Marketing Blast
500 emails - $29.00
1500 emails - $45.00
3000 emails - $65.00
5000 emails - $89.00

Want to ensure your home is seen by more Realtors®? An innovative and effective way to expose your home to hundreds or thousands of Realtors® in seconds is through the use of our Email Marketing Blast system. When selected, we will email a copy of your listing with Photos directly to the Realtors® in your market that are working with the buyers that are looking to buy in your area.

- $19.00
Yard Sign

Professionally designed to be visually appealing, our RealtyZoom "For Sale" sign will draw the attention of buyers previewing your neighborhood and lets Agents know that you are willing to work with them. Shipping is included, as well as an H-style metal stake so you can post the sign as soon as you get it.  The sign comes printed with the unique PIN for your property.  The Sign is 18" x 24", fade resistant, and double sided.  We also provide you with the option to have 2 holes with grommets inserted at the top of the sign so it can hang from a standard post.