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Questions To Ask A Broker

At closing is there any back end percentage that goes to the listing broker (flat fee broker)?

Some flat fee brokers have a small up front fee and a percent commission on the back end if the property sells. With RealtyZoom there is no back end commission if the property sells unless you choose our Agent Assisted Listing Package.

Are you the local broker or a referral service?

If you are not speaking with a local Broker, then you may be dealing with a referral service company. Many times, you will not even be able to contact the broker directly that is placing your listing on the MLS. Here are some questions to consider when working with a referral service: What does the contract look like? Are there any back end fees? How experienced is the Broker placing my listing in the MLS? Can I ask them questions directly? If you are using any company other than RealtyZoom you may be getting less than you deserve. We pride ourselves in having a dedicated hand selected Broker in each market we serve. They are exclusive to the area they service so we can ensure consistency and uniformity in the service our clients receive.

Who gets the leads from the MLS and Realtor®.com? Are they passed to anyone else? If they come to me then what is the process?

Some flat fee brokers have a business model that is based on them taking all buyer leads that come in for your property and trying to represent those buyers or selling the lead to another broker. Thus you lose a lot of opportunity to sell with no commission. RealtyZoom passes all leads to you for as long as you are still accepting showings. RealtyZoom is focused on one thing; being the Nations “Fastest and Most Affordable Way to Buy and Sell Real Estate”.