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Questions & Answers

Why should I list with you?

Our service has many unique benefits and significant cost saving components vs. a traditional Realtor® listing. As one of the fastest growing Real Estate services companies in the nation we are committed to providing the most cutting edge products and services available. Your home will be listed by a Licensed Real Estate Broker that is exclusive to your area and not a referral service like many others on the internet. Each one of our exclusive RealtyZoom Brokers has extensive knowledge of each of the MLSs we list in. Our revolutionary website is the most comprehensive and user friendly in the nation.

Can I use my "For Sale by Owner Sign"?

You could, however, you risk confusing real estate agents. When an agent sees a for sale by owner sign they start to wonder of your home is really on the MLS and whether they will get paid. Some of our clients have lost showings from using a "for sale by owner" sign.

What is the MLS?

The MLS or multiple listing service is a group of brokers that have gotten together to cooperate and facilitate the sale of real estate. Today they share these listings via a database that can be accessed only by their members. Limited access to some of the data concerning listed property is allowed via the internet by various websites. Read more about the MLS.

Why list on the MLS?

Figures vary regionally but approximately 90%+ of all properties are sold through an MLS listing. Research has shown that properties listed on the MLS sell faster and for a higher price than properties sold “For Sale by Owner”.

Who will see my listing?

You get the best of both worlds. All local Realtors® will have access to your listing through the MLS. Countless individual buyers will be able to see your listing on public websites like Realtor®.com,, and hundreds of others.

How much commission is offered to the Buyer’s Broker?

Generally 2%-3%.

How do brokers know that I am offering a commission?

The commission offered is posted to the MLS. All brokers know what you are offering by looking at your MLS listing.

How will buyers contact me?

In the MLS under showing instructions it will direct all Realtors® to call your phone number. However the MLS will not give seller or showing information to any other website.

Will Realtors® avoid showing my property because I am using a Flat Fee Broker?

No. There is nothing in the MLS listing that indicates that what you are paying to the Listing Broker. Whether your are paying a Listing Broker a Flat Fee or a 3% commission the MLS listing will look the same. Only the commission being offered to the buyer’s agent is displayed on the MLS, not the commission being paid to the Listing Broker. Real Estate Agents are sales people and going to be more concerned with what they will be getting paid, not what the Listing Broker’s commission is.

Can I cancel my listing at any time?

Yes. You can cancel at any time. There are no cancellation fees however, you forfeit your set-up fees on the month-month listing and the entire fee on the 12 month listing.

How soon can I get listed?

We generally post the listing to the MLS within 24 hours.

If I sell to a buyer that is not associated with an agent is a commission due?

No. As long as the buyer is not being represented by a licensed Agent there will be no commission due on the buyer’s side.