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Why List for a Flat Fee?

Flat Fee MLS Listing – The Future of Real Estate is here...

With the advancement in technology and the availability of the internet, the face of the Real Estate Market and Real Estate Marketing is forever changing. We believe it is no longer necessary to pay a Real Estate Agent 6% to list your house. Flat Fee MLS listings are the wave of the future and saving the American Public Millions!! You can now list your house for a very small fee. When a buyer comes to you without a Real Estate Agent there is no additional commission to be paid. Only if a buyer comes to you through a Real Estate Agent will you then pay them a commission that you choose, typically 2%-3%. You’re in control.

The Advantages of a Flat Fee MLS Listing

  1. You will get the same MLS listing with all the bells and whistles that you would get with a full price Real Estate Agent.
  2. You will realize all of the cost saving of selling your house “For Sale By Owner” for a small flat fee.
  3. You do NOT have to sign a contract which commits you to paying a 6% commission, even if a friend or family member buys your home.
  4. Also, if you decide to list with a full service agent and then decide to cancel your listing or rent out your home you may still be required to pay your agent the full commission. It’s all in the fine print.

What’s So Special About the MLS?

  1. The Multiple listing service or MLS is the database that all real estate Agents use to find and list properties.
  2. It is commonly referred to as “The Real Estate Market”.
  3. In the US, properties listed on the MLS account for over 90% of sold properties.
  4. Hundreds of Real Estate sites pull their data exclusively from the MLS and this is where most buyer are looking for homes.
  5. Properties that are listed on the MLS sell for higher prices and sell much faster than properties that are “For sale by owner” not listed on the MLS

Why choose RealtyZoom to list your property on the MLS?

  1. RealtyZoom offers the most competitive prices with the highest levels of service on the most powerful Flat Fee Listing Website in the industry. We typically list your home on the MLS within 24hours. All MLS listings are posted by a Licensed RealtyZoom Broker who operates exclusively in your market.
  2. Get More Exposure - Your listing will not only be placed in your local Realtor® MLS, it will appear in Realtor®.com and many other top ranked sites across the nation.